What data is being trans­fered in and out of the organization?

File Trans­fer soft­ware makes it easy to send data off­site and bring data in from remote loca­tions. It is impor­tant to know what data is enter­ing and leav­ing the com­pany to ensure that all trans­mis­sions are autho­rized. This is espe­cially true of files con­tain­ing sen­si­tive com­pany and cus­tomer infor­ma­tion. Much File Trans­fer usage is “ad-​hoc” and audit­ing is the only way to ensure that peo­ple aren’t mis­ap­pro­pri­at­ing com­pany resources and data.

Know­ing what data is being trans­fered in and out of the orga­ni­za­tion is also a crit­i­cal part of man­ag­ing File Trans­fers. This infor­ma­tion forms the basis for mod­i­fy­ing File Trans­fer server con­fig­u­ra­tion set­tings, set­ting folder and file per­mis­sions and man­ag­ing user ID tables. It also pro­vides infor­ma­tion that can be used to iden­tify sen­si­tive file names to Sen­try Analytics™.

Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics’ File Usage view sum­ma­rizes File Trans­fers by file name. It shows the num­ber of trans­ac­tions ini­ti­ated by for each node of the file names accessed. It sum­ma­rizes file activ­ity by secured ver­sus unse­cured access.

Drill Down for File Activ­ity Details

Double-​click a file name entry to see a detailed list of trans­ac­tions involv­ing files by that name (or pattern).

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