Do you know who accesses what infor­ma­tion when and from where?. If not, you are not alone: Most cor­po­ra­tions lack the tools to mon­i­tor and audit their file trans­fer infrastructure.

With­out the right tools, how do you ensure and ver­ify that:

  • All sys­tems run­ning FTP are known and secured accord­ing to com­pany policy?
  • Sen­si­tive data is secured dur­ing transfer?
  • Only the cor­rect data is transferred?
  • All trans­fers go to the right destination?
  • All trans­fers are logged and can be audited?
  • Proper admin­is­tra­tive con­trols are in place?

Audit­ing with Sen­try Analytics™

Here is how the Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™ File Trans­fer Ana­lyt­ics™ suite can help:
  • Sen­try Audi­tor™ effort­lessly dis­cov­ers all file trans­fer servers — whether they are MFT prod­ucts or native FTP, FTPS or SFTP servers.
  • Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™ records File Trans­fer activ­ity across all sys­tems and pro­vides a mul­ti­tude of ways the data can be audited — all with the sim­ple click of a mouse
  • Sen­try Armor™ pro­tects FTP servers against brute force attacks from out­side intrud­ers, mali­cious employ­ees and con­trac­tors and hack­ers that have breached the cor­po­rate net­work though other means .

Next Steps

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