What to expect from a File Trans­fer Analysis


Learn about our File Trans­fer Analy­sis

We have ana­lyzed many File Trans­fer envi­ron­ments over the past twelve years – from small com­pa­nies to large multi­na­tional cor­po­ra­tions using Man­aged File Trans­fer prod­ucts as well as native FTP, SFTP and FTPS pro­to­cols across Linux, Unix, Win­dows and IBM z/​OS main­frame envi­ron­ments.
To date we have not per­formed one sin­gle analy­sis that did not sur­prise the deci­sion maker that requested it. Every one of them has dis­cov­ered sig­nif­i­cant issues that needed to be addressed.

This doc­u­ment out­lines some of the find­ings that are typ­i­cal for an analysis.

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